Posted by: jeanmurin | August 4, 2009

Blogs & Politics

The study, “The power and politics of blogs,” is an interesting look at the growth and influence of blogs in politics. However, there was one main point that really struck a chord with me: “they influence important actors within mainstream media who in turn frame issues for a wider public.”

Before this class, I was not the biggest fan of political blogs. I was intimidated by the amount of blogs out there and searching through the muck to find some real gems seemed like a daunting task. I knew of some political bloggers whom friends and colleagues had mentioned and recommended, but I was still hesitant about diving into the political blogging world.

However, after learning about blogs in class, actively participating one, and following the bloggers recommended by my professor and my peers…I really understand why this study came to the conclusion it did. Political bloggers have huge audiences and in turn the ability to influence these audiences. Politicians are starting to pay more attention to what’s being said on blogs, and they should be.

Blogs are a hot spot for political debate and some of the most informed and interested voters are actively participating in blogging. It’s an excellent way for candidates to learn what’s being said in a different forum. 


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