Posted by: danfusco | August 4, 2009

Future of Media

First off, Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream ice cream is phenomenal. Now for the actual post. As we talked about in class, people spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, blogs, and the like. I tend to view this as a development rather than a downfall though. I’m absolutely guessing here, but I seriously doubt a heavy internet user would be researching political policy if Facebook or any other site were to crash one day. He/She would probably fill their time with other fairly useless online activities. However, time spent on these aforementioned sites exposes the user to politics in some way shape or form.

I know for a fact that Reddit is constantly discussing political agenda and figures and I remember there was quite a bit of discussion on Facebook during the presidential race. Twitter was overwhelmed with tweets about Iran and I’m sure almost every user was at least made aware of the situation had they been in the dark before. This seems similar to the Oprah Effect. While these mediums offer an underwhelming amount of political information, they expose people who normally wouldn’t follow politics to important issues, and in some cases they allow users to become more interested and active participants in the process. I think it is extremely important to get news from various sources, especially trusted media outlets, such as the NYT etc, but these various internet social outlets can provoke discussion. In the most recent election there was a rise in voter turnout for the younger generation and I do not doubt that new media outlets helped.


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