Posted by: jeanmurin | August 4, 2009

The Media and Misperceptions About Iraq

When the Iraq war controversy first began, I was too young and too concerned with juveneile worries to actually care why we were going to war. As the war went on and I became more informed about news and politics, I started to realize what the controversy was truly about.

The article “Misperceptions, the Media, and the Iraq War” is an excellent recap on what was going on in the media during the time I was so oblivious to the situation. Reading it now offers me new insight into the role the media played in projecting misperceptions onto the American people, most of whom were not ready to go to war if it was not approved by the UN Security Council.

Upon reading the article, at the time of the controversy I found that I identified with the misperceptions listed in the research polls. I, along with many others, believed (based on the little information I absorbed from the media regarding the war) that there were close links between Iraq and al Qaeda and also that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction.

I am older and wiser now, and reading this article has confirmed in my mind that the media has the ability to promote misperceptions. It has certainly made me conscious of the types of news sources I read and to evaluate the information I receive from the media in the future.


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