Posted by: ethurman | August 4, 2009

What would we do if we knew the truth?

Misperceptions, the Media and the Iraq War makes it all too clear that no one was really clear about what was going on in Iraq prior to the war.  We have discussed many times what the role of the media should be and what responsibility the media have to report in an unbiased manner.  I think it is most important for the news to be honest with the general public about what is going on, particularly in regards to international and domestic policy because we have no other way of being exposed to the information.  The media have a relationship with the government that the average citizen cannot have.  If there had not been investigative journalism done to uncover the poor reporting done leading up to and during the Iraq war, how would Americans ever have known the truth?  After reading Misperceptions I also began to wonder what Americans would have done if they had known the truth.  What if the media acted just as we are always saying they should.  If the media had exposed the truth behind our entrance in the war and not blindly accepted what government officials said, what do you think the response of the American people would have been?  Since it seems like so many Americans are painfully unaware of actually issues I wonder if most of us would have taken action in response to the government’s misbehavior even armed with correct information from the media.


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