Posted by: jbunn | August 5, 2009

It’s Party Time

Hey All,

I think it would be fitting to all go out and grab some food and drinks following our final class to celebrate having finished our class and mourn the fact that we will no longer meet every M/W 11:30-3.

Sports Depot at 353 Cambridge Street, Allston, Ma. 02134 has a good deal on happy hour appetizers (their menu is attached). If that seems too far away, we could always go to Sunset Cantina at 916 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215 (by the St. Paul st. T stop on the B line).

If I’m not mistaken, happy hour is traditionally around 5:00 so why don’t we plan on meeting up then. That gives us a good 2 hours to go home and do stuff after the exam, but isn’t too late since it is a Wed night 😉

Hope to see you all there! Good luck to everyone on the final!! Cya tomorrow!



  1. If we were going earlier I would definitely join! I think that’s a great idea.. but if it’s not til 5, I will unfortunately be back home in Bridgewater =(

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