Posted by: hillary210 | August 5, 2009

On “Power of the Pen”

In this article Pincus argues that since the media has more influence on public opinion than ever, owners/editors/reporters should play an activist role rather than a neutral one. He claims that these elites rarely push issues they believe the government should take up and that they should display ‘journalistic courage’ during this time when the media is in need of context and analysis. 

What happened to objective, professional journalism? And since when is this a bad thing? I think that besides US entrance into the Iraq war as the most prominent example, the media does indeed play an activist role and provides context/analysis (however biased it may be). Why is that journalists/editors are scrutinized either way – for being objective and for being subjective? It seems like they can only go wrong. 

It seems like sometimes subjective, analytical journalism is accepted and at other times it is not (wartime, perhaps?). I think there needs to be a balance between activist journalist and neutral journalism at all times, because America has right to free speech and at the same time the press has the civic/professional responsibility to report hard news objectively.



  1. I agree. The article seemed to be advocating subjectivity instead of objectivity. It seemed to be advocating opinion based journalism instead of fact based journalism. It definitely went against everything that we’ve been learning about in class regarding media bias. However, in some ways, I think that the author of the article was right. I think journalists should stop attempting to be unbiased since they are clearly biased. It comes out in one way or another. I think journalists should just show their passion and voice their opinions so long as they are not outrageous. The issues that they think are more important should be discussed. They should agenda set. We definitely need more successful activist journalists. But, hopefully they wont take it too far.

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