Posted by: hillary210 | August 5, 2009

On “Whose Views Made the News”

Guardino’s article highlights ABC/CBS nightly news coverage of the 8 months leading up to the Iraq invasion and the results conformed to conventional wisdom: Bush administration officials were the most frequently cited sources and the anti-war/opposed Democrats were barely audible. Guardino points out, however, that opposition from abroad (such as France) was covered on networks. Therefore, we were not necessarily deprived of anti-war, alternative viewpoints. 

I think, however, that even though we weren’t completely deprived, we might as well have been. I feel like covering foreign resentment of the war (and not national resentment)  is like when Fox uses faux liberal contributors – it is a opinion made weaker by the opposing, dominant, pro-war coverage. Additionally the opinions of foreign leaders are highly less credible to to Americans, especially when compared to US leaders.



  1. I don’t remember much or valid criticism before the war as well.

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