Posted by: eratigan | August 5, 2009

Whose views distorted the news?

In this article, Hayes shows how a reliance on official sources (usually to be commended in the journalistic world) ultimately turned the media into a mere channel of government agenda before the Iraq War.

I love this piece because it proves not only how complacent the media had become after 9/11 and how conniving the government was capable of being, but also shows the absence of a media effort to make up for its shortcomings. Even today, news outlets will take an official source at its word. As we saw with Ken Olbermann, a respected (O’Reilly may disagree) news show failed to do a shallow background check on its substitute host; never gave pause to consider the conflicting interests in hiring a corporate lobbyist to stand in for a journalist.

One would think after all the studies following the Iraq War, all the admissions by editors and producers that they didn’t do enough to challenge the government, the media would show a bit of solidarity as a group and promise to try a little harder. Instead, we get videos like the one posted on the blog about Olbermann mocking Rupert Murdoch, O’Reilly and a New York Times journalist in the same segment. It seems the only thing the media is committed to is not being outdone:


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