Posted by: edgarvasiliu | August 6, 2009

Are Bloggers Journalists?

I think that bloggers should be given a media shield because 1. Many journalists are also bloggers and vice-versa 2. as Kurt Opsahl said so eloquently in the Reader page 82 “what makes journalism ‘journalism’ is not format but the content …[and many bloggers do publish] daily news, feature stories and the latest happenings” 3. the lines are obviously blurred between journalists and bloggers 4. its a question of freedom of speech and 5. if newspapers are really going to die off this a mode were journalism can survive and maybe even flourish.



  1. You’re right. I would consider a large amount of bloggers journalists. That is because most bloggers are journalists and most of the blogs that people are interested in and actually pay attention to are from journalists. The rest of the blogs in the blogosphere are not as influential or popular. From working on a blog this summer, I have realized the amount of work that goes into blogging and I give the authors of blogs a substantial amount of credit. A majority of bloggers blog every day on top of their actual career. It’s amazing. Therefore, I would agree that bloggers should be given more credit than they are and should be looked at in a more positive light than they are.

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