Posted by: edgarvasiliu | August 6, 2009

Pay No Attention to the Money behind the Curtain

Look, Paul Waldman makes a valid point that its the media that picks and choses the topics it will broadcast or publish. Yes, it did decide to focus on silly, trivial things like flag pins and Jeremiah Wright as opposed to the deeper more important issues at hand. However, he fails to mention for better or worse that these are generally more interesting stories which means its an audience grabber which means its a money maker. Like it or not the media needs to make money and many times such as these examples you can see it by the stories it chooses. Also, media is a little more complex that that too because competition (which ultimately means money) is a part of this equation. For example, if Fox News is going craaaazy over this Jeremiah Wright story and NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN don’t cover it in someway they could lose viewers, at least in the short term, because sensationalism works and people want to see it. So, it spreads like a cancer because of competition. I am just telling like it is, yes, it sucks, but money is as part of the equation as the journalist, sometimes. So, I think that Waldman is a little too harsh on journalists by failing to show the whole picture.


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