Posted by: edgarvasiliu | August 6, 2009

PBS News Network!

“Journalist complain about neglect of complex issues and say that lines between commentary and reporting and between entertainment and news have been unduly blurred. Many think that news reporting is increasingly sloppy and full of errors , and that the watchdog role has gone awry presenting sensational audience ‘grabbing exposes.” According to Graber p 354 this opinion is across the border including television, magazine, newspapers, and Internet reporters. Its the waning public support that is leading to this journalistic decline (Graber p 358).

This make me wonder if having a PBS News Network similar to BCC in the UK would be a good idea. Those that want their sensational “news” can still view it on Fox and MSNBC while more authentic journalism can have a haven at PBS. It might mean a couple of extra dollars per person in tax dollars but it could be well worth it especially if this is the trajectory of media. I really don’t want another Yellow Journalism.


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