Posted by: edgarvasiliu | August 6, 2009

Realization after I read Drenzer’s article: A blog on blogs?

Blogs have become so influential and its interesting to see that only 7% of the general public read blogs. Obviously, there influence comes from there expertise and ties to more tradition media as 83% of journalists had used blogs and 43% of journalists used them at least weekly. I wonder if journalists leave traditional media because they think they can have more influence. These journalists don’t have to worry about ownership, editors, advertisers (at least as much, maybe) hence they have more freedom to report as they wish. And because many of these journalists already have a respected name and expertise they know that the traditional media will pay attention to them. If this is true, then this is healthy for democracy. Also, maybe journalists are trying to fill in the lack of trust in the media that has been the recent trend. Because of this it seems that blogs can be a better medium for many journalists.


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