Posted by: edgarvasiliu | August 6, 2009

Voting Behavior, Obama, and the Financial Crisis

“Campaign messages are most potent if they concern a major or unpredicted event.” Voting behavior can be changed by political speech and campaign under this circumstance according to Graber on page 241.

Fareed Zakaria is amazing!

Fareed Zakaria is amazing!

This made me remember when Fareed Zakaria endorsed Barrack Obama on his GPS program. He mentioned that one of the main reasons was that Barack Obama had a better understanding of the economy and a better plan to deal with the crisis while John McCain did not have any new or special insight on the economy just classic Reaganomics. Zakaria did not attack Reaganomics per se but just meant to point out that times have changed and there was a specific set of problems to which Obama was honing in on while McCain did not seem to be adaptable and modern on his economic theory. In fact, McCain’s solution was virtually the same as his economic plan pre-financial crisis. Now obviously Fareed Zakaria is a political analyst but I think he picked up on something that the general public was able to sense as well. OK, maybe not be able to articulate this observation as well nonetheless still see it. Obama’s response to economic crisis during campaign was a message that persuaded many hesitant or undecided voters or even some McCain supporters to vote for him. And I think this was the reason Obama was able to have the edge and win the election.


  1. I agree. During the most recent presidential election, people were not only turned off by John McCain’s age, but they were turned off by his traditional stances on issues. People had dealt with President George W Bush for eight years. They were tired of him and tired of the Republican Party in office. I think George W Bush was one of the main reasons that John McCain was unsuccessful. People just thought that he was another George W Bush. As you mentioned, Obama and McCain had different solutions to the economic crisis that we were experiencing. The main difference was that Obama was advocating change in his policies while McCain was advocating tradition in his policies. People just needed something new, which is why they placed their faith in Obama.

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