Posted by: davidrcollier | August 7, 2009

Class is Over – Grades Submitted

Your final grades have been submitted and you should be able to view them on the student link.

I just wanted to thank you all again for making this an enjoyable summer semester. I hope, in turn, you were able to get something out of the class and will now look at the relationship between the media and politics through a slightly different lens.

Feel free to keep in touch and to continue using this blog. There are so many interesting stories around right now, and lots more to come. For instance, the latest on the GE-NewsCorp ‘deal‘. For those of us who have it linked to our RSS reader, we can easily tell if there are new posts.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!



  1. Thank you professor.

    And now that the grades are safely in I can post the following shocking story from the Guardian in the UK and the response from the New York Times.

    New evidence suggests haggis may actually be English in origin!

    In the spirit of the class it is also worth noting that the blog linked above presents both sides of the argument.

    Thanks again for an interesting and informative summer term.

    Evan C

  2. They may take oor lives, but they’ll ne’er take oor HAGGIS!!!

  3. Thank you Professor!

    This has been quite an interesting class and I’m grateful for the opportunity. If I ever need politcal advice or a little knoweldge on Scotland, I’ll be sure to email you. Forgive the informality but: stay awesome! To everyone on here: I hope you all have a great rest of the summer.


  4. In the words of the immortal Mike Myers “If it’s not Scottish… IT’S CRAP!!!”

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